NOVA, Inc News Updates from VA NursesTell us why you love NOVA! nurses sometimes get so busy we forget who we really are... for Nurses and Veterans VA Ruling on APRN Practice Signs Letter to Presidential Transition Team Receives Accreditation with Distinction from the American Nurses Credentialing Center Leadership Attends ANA/NOA MeetingsThis past November, NOVA President Sharon A. Johnson, Vice President Thelma Roach-Serry, Immediate Past President Larry Lemon, and Executive Director Susan Dove attended both the American Nurses Association (ANA) Organizational Affiliates Meeting as well as the Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA) Fall Summit in Omaha, Nebraska. Announces the 2016/17 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign! & Nursing Community Coalition Submit Recommendations to House & Senate Appropriations Committees Joins Healthcare Professionals, Unions on Statement Regarding Commission on Care Recommendations'MEMBER-GET-A-MEMBER" CAMPAIGN RESULTS! INSPIRATIONAL BOB BOYER! CERTIFICATION PARTNERSHIP WITH AMERICAN BOARD FOR OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSES!! CERTIFICATION PARTNERSHIP WITH AMERICAN SOCIETY OF OPHTHALMIC REGISTERED NURSES!! CERTIFICATION PARTNERSHIP WITH HIV/AIDS NURSING CERTIFICATION BOARD DR. RICHARD STONE AS ANNUAL MEETING KEYNOTE SPEAKER! ANNUAL LEGISLATIVE ROUNDTABLE ANNOUNCES NEW MENTORSHIP PROGRAM! PRESENTS BEFORE THE COMMISSION ON CARE CAMPAIGN!! CERTIFICATION PARTNERSHIP WITH AHNCC! SUPPORTS THE NURSING COMMUNITY'S ADVOCACY EFFORTS ALERT: CONGRESS RETURNS TO BUSY FALL AGENDA! VA SECRETARY MCDONALD'S VIDEO PRESENTATION AT THE NOVA ANNUAL MEETING! MEMBERS FROM SOUTH DAKOTA "STORM THE HILL" ON JUNE 11! AWARDED ANCC ACCREDITATION WITH DISTINCTION! YOUR NOVA MEMBERSHIP PIN TODAY! AN EDUCATION GRANTOR! SUPPORT NOVA'S SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAM!