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Call for Public Comment on VA Access Standards Per VA Mission Act

The VA Mission Act was signed into law in June and many of the sections will require outside comments, which are recorded as part of the The Federal Register. 

Section 104 (a) of the VA Mission Act directs VA to establish access standards for furnishing hospital care, medical services, and extended care services to covered Veterans for purposes of the Veterans Community Care Program. 


VA is asking for public comment in developing these access standards.


As nurses who provide and coordinate that care, NOVA is providing the link to the Federal Register comment board and questions to encourage feedback from those who may have knowledge on developing access standards and/or performance standards. 


Note, you may comment as a private citizen. You must do so on your own time and using your own device.


The questions are laid out on the site and are only regarding access to care. Please know that when final decisons are made about how VHA will provide care and access to Veterans in the future, these comments will be part of the final regulations so they are critically important.


The VA will be accepting comments through July 30, 2018.  

Additional information and instructions on how to post a public comment, either online or by mail, is provided below: