• To Educate, Communicate, and Advocate for the Veterans Administration Nurse Professionally, Personally, and Legislatively.
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Become a Chapter Contact

NOVA Chapters Help Grow Membership!

NOVA currently has over 3,000 members. A sustained growth in membership is needed in order to meet our goals and support our mission of “Shaping and Influencing Health Care within the Department of Veterans Affairs.”  Membership growth mostly takes place at the local chapter level. That is why it is so important to have a reliable NOVA representative at each VA facility.  
As a NOVA Chapter Contact, you have an opportunity to:
Represent NOVA at the local level.
Help organize events and activities for your local members.
Monitor the growth of the local NOVA membership and report changes to the NOVA National Office.
Participate in conference calls and meetings for Chapter Contacts.
If you’d like to build a NOVA Chapter at your facility or become a Chapter Contact for an existing NOVA Chapter, please contact the NOVA National Office nova@vanurse.org.
We are eager to hear from you. Together, we will continue to grow active NOVA Chapters across the country!