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Certification Partnership with the Commission on Nurse Certification

NOVA has entered into a partnership with the Commission on Nurse Certification to help meet your certification goals – by offering a 10% discount on the initial Clinical Nurse Leader exam for NOVA members.  With this discount, the exam fee will be $315 for individuals testing at a school of nursing and $385 for those taking the exam at a testing center. 
NOVA members interested in sitting for the CNL exam will need to meet the eligibility requirements.
To view the requirements, visit http://www.aacn.nche.edu/cnl/certification/eligibility. Please click here to open the special exam application for NOVA members interested in taking the CNL exam which you will need to complete and submit to FAX # (202) 463-1315 as indicated.  
NOVA is looking at additional partnerships which would offer NOVA members discounts on other certifications and will announce those shortly.