• To Educate, Communicate, and Advocate for the Veterans Administration Nurse Professionally, Personally, and Legislatively.
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NOVA 2018 Legislative Goals Announced

NOVA has released its 2018 Legislative Priority Goals....
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  • NOVA Organizational Partnership Analysis of Caring for our Veterans Act of 2017

    NOVA, in partnership with several VHA organizations provided an inside analysis of Senate Draft legislation that will change how VA provides healthcare and services to veterans. The "Caring for our Veterans Act of 2017," was marked-up today in the Senate VA Committee.  To read our statement click here.

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  • NOVA's Statement on VA Choice Program

    Today, NOVA , alongside its partners within VHA, submitted a Statement for the Record before the House Veterans Affairs' Committee on critical Choice Redesign legislation.

    To read the statement please click here: NOVA Statement on VA Choice Program 

    For more information, head to the HVAC website at: https://veterans.house.gov



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