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Retired and Still a Resource

Nurse Emeritus Group 

The Nurse Emeritus Group is comprised of NOVA members who have retired from the Department of Veterans Affairs or who plan retirement within the next calendar year.

The Nurse Emeritus Group is an established group within the Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs (NOVA) and, as such, adheres to all policies and practices as governed by the Bylaws of NOVA.
The Nurse Emeritus Group functions through an Emeritus Council comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair and six members. The Council submits minutes with recommendations to the NOVA Board of Directors and receives approval of recommendations prior to implementing any action.

Mission Statement

The Nurse Emeritus Group exists to support the mission and vision of NOVA through continuing engagement of nurses who have retired or have immediate plans to retire from active employment in VA.
The Nurse Emeritus Group seeks to recognize and value the expertise of retired VA nurses through substantive projects that support the working VA nurses and the veterans they serve.
The Nurse Emeritus Group strives to recognize and celebrate the contribution of retired VA nurses through positive affirmation programs and projects.
What are the dues for Nurse Emeritus members?
The dues for NOVA Nurse Emeritus members are $50.00 per year. 
What does the Nurse Emeritus Group do?
Nurse Emeritus projects currently include: Mentoring Program for emerging NOVA leaders; NOVA membership promotion and fundraising efforts to support nursing scholarships.
Click here to download Nurse Emeritus Membership Application or pay membership dues online by clicking HERE.