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Veterans Award

NOVA awards honor individuals and/or groups who have made significant contributions to the Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs, the nursing profession, the health care of veterans, or in service to our country.  
The Veterans Award is presented to an individual veteran, group of veterans, or an organization in recognition of dedication to improving the healthcare of veterans.
Nominee must demonstrate one or more of the following:
  • Active participation with legislative issues through writing campaigns, speaking engagements, and/or publication of literature which positively influence change.
  • Personal sacrifice through volunteerism with underserved groups of veterans.
  • Active involvement with special interest groups who seek to improve the quality of healthcare for veterans.
The nominee does not need to be a member of NOVA, but must be nominated by a NOVA member or chapter.
Please note the scale that will be used to score your submissions:
0 = Unmet
1 = Met without examples
2 = Met with examples
3 = Met with examples and outcome
Make sure you read each question carefully and provide a brief but descriptive response. Applications that are incomplete will not be considered.
The deadline for 2017 Nominations has passed.